Changing Nature Of Odd Jobs And Maintenance Services

Traditionally, odd-job or maintenance workers have worked on a freelance or self-employed basis. In this respect, plumbers, electricians and other maintenance workers have been responsible for marketing their businesses and building their own customer base. However, since the 1990s the demand for such work, especially in urban areas, has increased, making it difficult to find maintenance workers who can fit in with customers’ personal schedules and are available to work promptly on either an emergency or developing problems.

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Just What Do Ecological Consultants Do?

Environmental, or ecological, consultants work for governmental or commercial clients on a variety of environmental issues. They look at land, air and water contamination, the impact of development or business activities on the environment, waste management, environmental management and the detection and management of protected species. [Read more…]

Four Reasons To Get A Christmas Temp Job When You’re At Uni

Now that the autumn has arrived, there is no better time to get a job when you’re a student in university. You’ve got through the first couple of months of your academic year, so you should be getting back in the swing of things and comfortable with your daily life. Yet you know that there are many months left of the university year, and that ultimately means lots of things to buy and pay for. And that’s without adding the cost of Christmas to the equation!

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