How Custody Matters Are Decided In A Divorce

Custody Matters Are Decided In A Divorce

Divorce can be difficult on everyone that is involved, but especially on children if they are caught between their parents. Usually, the court doesn’t decide matters of custody; it generally agrees with whatever the parents decide. However, if the parents cannot come to an agreement, then the courts may have to step in on matters of custody. [Read more…]

Things You Need To Know About Civil Mediation

Civil mediation is a means by which two parties who are able to reach an agreement or resolve a dispute without having to go through litigation. A mediator helps the parties arrive at an agreement that is satisfactory to both. This method offers an alternative to court which is quicker, less expensive, and often easier on the relationship of the parties involved. Mediators are often able to come up with the kind of creative solutions that courts cannot provide. Mediators don’t take sides, nor do they make judgments, or give guidance. The role of the mediator is primarily to negotiate. [Read more…]

Children and Divorce: Different Aspects of Law Concerning Divorce?

Divorce refers to the legal separation of two partners in marriage.  Although it may seem to be a simple process however it is the most difficult thing when children are also involved in this process. It is because children are affected deeply on emotional and psychological grounds when their parents get separated due to some personal conflicts. As far as custody of children is concerned, there are different aspects of the law concerning divorce. Let us have a brief look at these.

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