Lawyers Medical Treatment After Car Accidents In Los Angeles

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After a car accident- rearender, t-bone, sidewipe or any other form of an accident in Los Angeles, California there is a great chance of injury. Our human bodies are not made to be a hit by a 2-5 tons motor vehicle. In some instances you might not feel the immediate affects of the accidents because the body does goes in to survival mode and are in shock. After the shock subsides our body will start to feel the pain set in. In may take anywhere to a days, weeks or months when the pain starts to appear. [Read more…]

What Is A Family Trust And How Does It Work?


A family trust, is also known as a living trust or a revocable living trust, and is a legal document that permits the person who prepares it or has it prepared to make changes to it at will. This kind of trust covers how a person’s assets are managed before and after death. These arrangements can include anything from beneficiaries to real estate and cash allocations. [Read more…]

What Is The Difference Between A Trust And An Inheritance?


The main difference between a trust and an inheritance is that a trust is an arrangement that holds property or assets for beneficiaries for a stated length of time and, in occasionally in some instances, for an indefinite period. In comparison, beneficiaries of an inheritance are able to have actual possession and control of a property or assets at the same time that they inherit. [Read more…]