Who Can Take Out A Property Tax Loan?

Someone who owes money to the authorities in the form of property taxes can often feel total despair. Usually they have gone into debt because of genuine financial problems. This means that they simply do not have the cash they need to pay their property taxes, and the penalties and interest are continuing to mount up and increase what they owe every month. [Read more…]

Changing Nature Of Odd Jobs And Maintenance Services

Traditionally, odd-job or maintenance workers have worked on a freelance or self-employed basis. In this respect, plumbers, electricians and other maintenance workers have been responsible for marketing their businesses and building their own customer base. However, since the 1990s the demand for such work, especially in urban areas, has increased, making it difficult to find maintenance workers who can fit in with customers’ personal schedules and are available to work promptly on either an emergency or developing problems.

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Should You Employ A Family Barrister?

Family Barrister

In the past, if you had family issues and needed legal advice you would have automatically turned to a solicitor. The solicitor would have advised you about your rights and handled your case from beginning to end including representing you in the lower courts. However, if the matter was complicated or had to be taken to a higher court your solicitor would have contacted and instructed a barrister on your behalf. You would have then had to pay for both a solicitor and a barrister. [Read more…]