Four Reasons To Get A Christmas Temp Job When You’re At Uni

Now that the autumn has arrived, there is no better time to get a job when you’re a student in university. You’ve got through the first couple of months of your academic year, so you should be getting back in the swing of things and comfortable with your daily life. Yet you know that there are many months left of the university year, and that ultimately means lots of things to buy and pay for. And that’s without adding the cost of Christmas to the equation!

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Career Choices For Today’s Teenagers

Young people today face huge obstacles when they set off into early adulthood. Gone are the days when you could leave school and sail straight into a job for life. Now, with a ferociously competitive job market, higher fees for further education and cutbacks to school advisory services, some teenagers are expressing bewilderment and anxiety as they try to decide what is best for their future. [Read more…]